Pole Fitness

Pole fitness is a full-body workout. It includes dance-cardio movements, dynamic and static stretching, pole spins and inversions, plus striptease-inspired floor and chair work.

Pole Teaser

Pole Teaser is an intro level class. If you have never tried pole fitness, then this is the class for you! Here you will learn basic pole dance techniques and strength training to prepare you for our Fundamentals classes. We recommend that you take a Teaser class 3 times before moving on. No heels. No experience required. 

Pole Fundamentals

Pole Fundamentals is the next step in your pole fitness journey. You’ll get to progress every week with new spins, dance moves and floor work. Plus we’ll explore the world of high heels and basic climbing! Prerequisite: minimum of 3 Pole Teaser classes (or equivalent).*

Pole Intermediate

Get vertical! Learn more climbs, combo spins, and basic inversions. Heels optional and encouraged! Prerequisite: mastery of Pole Fundamentals (or equivalent). (Approx. 10 classes)

Pole Advanced

Moving on up… and upside down. Here we’ll learn handstand, back-drop, and no-hands inversions. Tricks time!. Heels optional. Prerequisite: mastery of Pole Intermediate (or equivalent). (Approx. 10 classes)

Pole Playtime

This class offers a guided warm-up and cool-down, plus a longer “open play” time for personal practice. Heels optional. Prerequisite: minimum of 1 Pole Teaser class (or equivalent).

Pole on Fire

Learn the true meaning of Pole FITNESS in this cardio-focused class! Pole on Fire features longer dance portions and strength & conditioning on/off pole. Yoga mat recommended. Heels optional. Prerequisite: minimum of 2 Pole Teaser classes (or equivalent).

Spin Pole 

Learn basic spins, moves and tricks on a spinning pole. Wheee! No heels. Prerequisite: minimum of 3 Pole Intermediate classes (or equivalent). 

*e.g. private lessons, classes taken elsewhere, etc. Call or email the studio with questions.

Note for ALL classes: Bare hands (no lotion or rings). Bare feet, unless otherwise indicated. 

Private classes and parties available

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