All your favorite classes under one roof

All your favorite classes under one roof


Pole Fitness

Pole fitness is a full-body workout. It includes dance-cardio movements, dynamic and static stretching, pole spins and inversions, plus striptease-inspired floor and chair work.

Pole Teaser

Pole Teaser is an intro level class. If you have never tried pole fitness, then this is the class for you! Here you will learn basic pole dance techniques and strength training to prepare you for our Fundamentals classes. We recommend that you take a Teaser class 3 times before moving on. No heels. No experience required. 

Pole Fundamentals

Pole Fundamentals is the next step in your pole fitness journey. You’ll get to progress every week with new spins, dance moves and floor work. Plus we’ll explore the world of high heels and basic climbing! Prerequisite: minimum of 3 Pole Teaser classes (or equivalent).*

Pole Intermediate

Get vertical! Learn more climbs, combo spins, and basic inversions. Heels optional and encouraged! Prerequisite: mastery of Pole Fundamentals (or equivalent). (Approx. 10 classes)

Pole Advanced

Moving on up… and upside down. Here we’ll learn handstand, back-drop, and no-hands inversions. Tricks time!. Heels optional. Prerequisite: mastery of Pole Intermediate (or equivalent). (Approx. 10 classes)

Pole Playtime

This class offers a guided warm-up and cool-down, plus a longer “open play” time for personal practice. Heels optional. Prerequisite: minimum of 1 Pole Teaser class (or equivalent).

Pole on Fire

Learn the true meaning of Pole FITNESS in this cardio-focused class! Pole on Fire features longer dance portions and strength & conditioning on/off pole. Yoga mat recommended. Heels optional. Prerequisite: minimum of 2 Pole Teaser classes (or equivalent).

Spin Pole 

Learn basic spins, moves and tricks on a spinning pole. Wheee! No heels. Prerequisite: minimum of 3 Pole Intermediate classes (or equivalent). 

*e.g. private lessons, classes taken elsewhere, etc. Call or email the studio with questions.

Note for ALL classes: Bare hands (no lotion or rings). Bare feet, unless otherwise indicated. 

Private classes and parties available

Not Heated

Barre Burnout.JPG

Barre Burnout

Bring on the Burn in Barre!


Our Barre Burnout Class combines two of our signature formats. You will be strengthening, toning, pulsing, and pushing yourself to your limits with each set! The fun of Barre and the intensity of Burnout packed into this one-hour power sweat session. Make your best hour of the day at the Barre!



Inferno Barre

Get ready for the “hottest” dance moves in our Inferno Barre Class. Enjoy the heat and this fat burning workout while you target specific muscles with small isometric movements all to the beat of the music. This challenging, no impact class will incorporate the ballet barre, light weights, and other specialized equipment to help you create long, lean muscles. Come feel the heat while you strengthen, tone, and balance your entire body! 




For those who just want to lift!


This class will leave you sizzling and feeling stronger and toned for weeks to come! Burnout is strictly weights and bodyweight in a heated room with no cardio involved. Your heart will be pumping with each set as we move through the class to provide a full body workout. You will leave it all on the floor with our revolutionary end of class targeted muscle burnout session. Come strong and leave empowered!!! 



Buti Yoga

Come Sweat with Intention!


Buti, in Indian Marathi, means "the cure to something hidden or kept secret." Buti Yoga is a high energy, invigorating yoga practice that blends vinyasa yoga, tribal dance, body weight training, powerful plyometrics, and cardiovascular training all in one class! This will challenge and empower you, and will push you through boundaries and have you re-emerge more confident, vibrant and aligned.

Buti creates a strong, empowered group that resembles a tribe. Students (aka Butisattvas) stay committed to the practice and are very supportive of one another. Join the tribe and thrive.



Core & Booty

If you love being hard ”core” then you will love our Core Fire & Booty Burnout class. This 60 min heated class engages abdominal movements that activate your upper, lower and side abdominal area, as well as incorporating your inner core stabilizers. Ideal for all fitness levels especially those who want to take their ab training to the next level.

Then it's time to work that booty! Our instructors will help you target and hit every angle of your glutes while also concentrating on your inner and outer thighs. We incorporate weights, bands, balls, steps, and gliders to help you get the curves you deserve!


Core Fire.JPG


Core Fire (Express)

If you love being hard ”core” then you will love our Core Fire Express Class. This 30 minute heated class engages abdominal movements that activate your upper, lower and side abdominal area, as well as incorporating your inner core stabilizers. Ideal for all fitness levels especially those who want to take their ab training to the next level.  

Deep Stretch.jpg

Deep Stretch

Keep a little fire burning while conditioning your body back to a balanced state. This class focuses on grounded poses to increase flexibility while allowing the body to slow down. Our specialized instructor will work with you through muscle tightness that will overall help you create balance and  reduce the risk of injury in and out of the studio.  You can expect a mildly warm room in a calm setting.  Perfect for all levels and especially athletes who are looking for recovery! See you in Savasana!

Lightly Heated


Inferno Fusion

Inferno Fusion combines all our Signature formats into one "Hot" hour of power! From pilates to yoga and so on......our Instructor will guide you through a total body workout emphasizing core work and brief stretching movements.  We incorporate fun equipment that will tone, strengthen, and improve your overall fitness level.  This class is for everyone and will have you breaking up with your comfort zone and loving your progress!


HEAT 45.jpg

H.E.A.T. 45

High Energy Athletic Training.


Not only will you be bringing the heat - you will be feeling it! This specialized Small Group Training will provide a quick efficient workout you can attack and master in 45 minutes. You will receive hands on attention from our Small Group Trainer leading you through movements all while instructing form and helping you target specific muscle groups each day. You will be in a team setting pushing yourself and others to your optimal potential. H.E.A.T. (High Energy Athletic Training) 45 will increase your strength, endurance, and mental toughness all while changing your body through muscle confusion and metabolic conditioning.

Not Heated


Inferno Hot Pilates

Turn up the Heat with our Signature Hot Pilates Class. Taking it to the mat, this class will have you burning hundreds of calories by strengthening your core, improving your cardiovascular system and flushing out toxins. We use HIIT based formats and Pilate principles in a room heated to 85-100 degrees Fahrenheit and 40% humidity. We even incorporate weights and specialized equipment to challenge your body and mind. This upbeat, inspirational class will have you saying Namaste throughout your day!


Vinyasa Flow.JPG

Hot Vinyasa Flow

Don’t wait for others to light your fire…..fuel it with our Inferno Hot Vinyasa Flow.  Strengthen and rejuvenate your body as you simultaneously relax and unwind. You will connect movement with breath.  This class is always unique with creative sequencing and challenging postures. You will be burning calories all while detoxing your body in our heated room set between 100-104 degrees. This energizing and mindful class will increase your flexibility, balance, and enhance your yoga practice keeping the fire burning all day long! 


Yoga Burnout.JPG

Yoga Burnout

The best things in life make you sweaty! This class has it all - yoga, weights, and a dash of cardio. We will lead you through a weighted heated flow to help strengthen and tone those muscles as well as increase your flexibility. Our added pop of cardio will help keep your heart rate up and increase your cardiovascular stamina too! All the best things in one heated hour of power! Get ready to sweat with no regret!


Yoga Sculpt.JPG

Inferno Yoga Sculpt

Take Inferno Yoga to another level and sculpt those muscles with our Weighted Yoga Class. This class integrates a HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) experience with Yoga and weights to increase your flexibility and Strength. You will be moving and sweating all while clearing your mind and focusing on your breath! This class will tone your muscles, strengthen your core, and increase your range of motion all in a heated setting of 90-100 degrees. Once you have walked through this fire you will be leaving sparks wherever you go!