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H.E.A.T. 45

High Energy Athletic Training.


Not only will you be bringing the heat - you will be feeling it! This specialized Small Group Training will provide a quick efficient workout you can attack and master in 45 minutes. You will receive hands on attention from our Small Group Trainer leading you through movements all while instructing form and helping you target specific muscle groups each day. You will be in a team setting pushing yourself and others to your optimal potential. H.E.A.T. (High Energy Athletic Training) 45 will increase your strength, endurance, and mental toughness all while changing your body through muscle confusion and metabolic conditioning.

Not Heated


Pure Fire

Nothing can light a match faster than this fun, heart-pumping boot camp styled class! Pure Fire takes your workouts to the next level by incorporating interval training principles with weights and cardiovascular conditioning. You will be challenging yourself every step of the way with our agility, plyometrics, strength, and bodyweight movements. Make sweat your best accessory! 
Sneakers are required

Not Heated



Relax, recharge and reap the many benefits that meditation offers. Prior meditation experience is not required. During each 1 hour class you will be guided through the steps necessary for achieving a meditative state. In the state of meditation you enter into a profound state of relaxation and healing, producing innumerable benefits for your mind, body and soul.
Some of the benefits you can look forward to with a regular meditation practice include reduced stress, improved sleep, better focus and memory, stronger immune response, slower aging, and more peace and positivity to name just a few!

Not Heated

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